Summer 2024 CSA is open for sign ups! 

Contact us by email at goodearthfarm@yahoo.com for all the details.

 We have CSA pickup locations in both Louisville (Saturday mornings) and Nelson County (Tuesday afternoon).  Our main season CSA is from May to October. Our separate fall/winter CSA is October through December.




 What is a CSA and why choose us?

C.S.A. stands for Community Supported Agriculture 

It is a program where the customer pays the farmer for a weekly share of in-season produce.  By paying up front, the farmer receives vital operating capital during a time when cash flow is low to pay for seeds and other supplies. With their product already sold, the farmer can concentrate on growing great produce instead of marketing!  

The customer is guaranteed a weekly delivery of the freshest produce around, while supporting a small family farm and the local economy.  And best of all they have a personal relationship with their farmer and can be involved in how their food is produced.  We are not certified organic, but use a minimum of chemical inputs, depending heavily on organic and natural farming methods to promote a healthy agroecosystem. 


What makes us different? We describe our produce with five words:


Fresh, Quality, Sustainable, Taste, Local


We have a unique mix of vegetables and our shares include small fruit, tree fruit, and eggs from our pastured/vegetarian-fed hens and at times, our grass-fed beef.  We generally have over 50 different types of produce in our shares! 

In a large farm’s CSA you can be just another number, but we are a true small family farm with  less than 50 members in our CSA.  Everything you receive is grown by us, on our farm. We keep it small so we can keep our quality and our service high. Our customers are truly a part of our farm family!








8012 Bloomfield Rd, Bloomfield KY 40008