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What is Sustainably Grown?

By maintaining fertile soils and using many organic growing techniques, we are able to grow our produce with a minimum of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.  Many of our crops are completely pesticide free.  We use crop rotations, green manures, compost, mulches and all manner of other management to maintain healthy soils and in turn, healthy crops.   We plant a diversity of crop and non-crop areas to maximize beneficial insects and natural controls. 

Drip irrigation maximizes water use efficiency and the integration of animals makes the whole farm system one that can be sustained into the future.  When pesticides are needed we often choose organic controls over chemical ones.  Our goal is to produce the highest quality, best tasting produce, using techniques that will continue to feed our family and yours for generations to come.  That' s what we mean when we say "sustainable."  

Here's  a brief how-to video that was uploaded a while ago.  It will give you a glimpse of what the Kentucky farm looks like.

I've been farming since I was old enough to toddle into the garden, and have spent most of my life growing things.  Having recently spent four years in Asia doing agricultural work, I have a love for travel and a penchant for trying new things.  It is good to be back home on the Kentucky farm where I am free to experiment.  Some of it works, some of it doesn't, but it all moves us closer to a more sustainable agricultural system.  I am blessed to make a living doing what I love--farming, writing, and teaching!
  I hold a B.S. in Wildlife Biology, a M.S. in Plant and Soil Science from the University of Kentucky. 



Yes, I'm primarily a wife and a mom, but I have lots of other duties too!   Being a farmer means I'm a marketing executive, a food safety inspector, public relations officer, culinary arts director, amateur veteraniarian, and a pea picker rolled into one. 

I have a love of the outdoors and history. I graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. in Anthropology. 
I'm a Hoosier by birth but a Kentuckian at heart. Right now I'm busy teaching three kids everything they need to know about the world. 

It's going to take a while!


We are a Christian homeschooling family raising up three young farmers.  We love visitors, but farming is a busy life, so give us a call to schedule a farm tour. 

Chris and/or Amy are also available to to speak to your club/group if our schedule allows it.

We look forward to meeting you!

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