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Famine-proof your family with a detailed breakdown of survival gardening techniques.  For the beginning gardener or the professional market grower, The Complete Guide to Survival Gardening will act as the go-to guide for food security. 

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The Sands of El Obeid

Discover the secrets of the Sudan as you travel along with 13-year-old adventurer James O’Dell and his unflappable schoolmate, the 10-year-old Mary Patterson, in this Geographic Adventure.  After traveling from their boarding school in Cairo, Egypt to the capital city of Sudan, they find themselves in a world of trouble.  Will their survival skills and quick thinking save them, or will they end up like the sun bleached skeletons they discover in the Sahara Desert? 

For adult and young readers alike, this first book in the Geographic Adventure Series teaches geography, history, and outdoor survival skills rolled up in a fast moving and fun adventure story.  The G.A.S. series is ideal for those who want their children to pick up useful survival skills as they learn about the world around them.



After several years of on again, off again writing, I've finally made the move to get this book published!  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.   The next book in the series is underway, but with several other writing projects ongoing, may be a while in coming.  Be patient, I enjoy writing in my free time, but I don't have a lot of free time these days!  



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